Reward learners in real-time with e-Points on mobile devices!

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Reward Learning

  • Recognise and reward learning with e-Points
  • Design and offer rewards that inspire the right behavior
  • Effortlessly offer rewards regularly and in real-time
  • Enable and facilitate peer recognition
  • View reports on award and redemption of e-Points
  • Expand you network with value added partnerships
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Enhance Commitment

  • Automatically award e-Points during the learning process
  • Enable learners to aggregate points for maximum value
  • Award e-Points using mobile devices learners carry around
  • Integrate e-Points service into your existing applications
  • Design and customize service to drive learning outcomes
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Transfer and receive reward points, check points balance and redeem vouchers by SMS


Mobile App

Extend the SMS experience and redeem reward vouchers from your smart phone



Access all SMS and Mobile app feature online, and purchase points and reward vouchers



Access all the rewards services from your existing website using our API

A Reward Platform for the Educational Sector

No up front fees, no long term contracts

Launch a Reward Program in Your Institution

In four simple steps

Account Setup

Open a merchant account

Design Rewards

Design reward vouchers

Promote Offers

Publish vouchers in online store

Award e-Points

Reward learners with e-Points

What is the role of the agency?

We are your agency. We work with institutions to design design reward voucher types which they can generate and offer to students.

How much does the services cost?

The service is accessible to institutions free of charge. Educational institutions simply purchase e-Points to offer to their students as rewards

How long does it take to launch a campaign?

Most reward programs can be designed and launched within hours.

What technical skills do I need?

Educational institutions do not need any technical skills. We work with them to design, implement and manage the reward programs. All the institution needs to do is award e-Points to learners based on a criteria they define.

Can I try the service?

Our goal is to enable as many educational institutions to experience the benefits of e-Points. We will work with each organization to accommodate their needs and overcome any obstacles to adoption.

Key Features

Transfer points, redeem vouchers and check points account balance via SMS

Scan voucher QR code on mobile app to redeem

Generate and publish vouchers online for purchase with points

Integrate digital loyalty reward services into existing websites and applications

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